Reggae Dubplates .com are a non-profit organisation designed to combat the drama encountered by both public and DJs worldwide when attempting to purchase Dubplates, Dub Specials, Jingles, Drops and booking of artists.


The following are issues we address:

  • Illegal Transactions (Money theft)
  • Artist Impersonators
  • Customers waiting excessively long for the product. (Unnecessary delays)
  • Over charging (Customers paying excessive prices to an agent)
  • Poor quality audio ( Amateur or non studio quality recordings.)
  • Fake bookings (money paid for reservation of artist, but the artist is never informed).
  • Our goal is to provide the best prices and the highest standards of service & quality at no fee

    to our customers, the studios or the artists.

  • Besides having a reputation that speaks for itself, we are the only industry recognized and endorsed by the artists who offer this unique service.
  • Feel free to browse our website by clicking on any of the tabs above and remember to continue to visit our 'Who's in Studio' as this is constantly updated!